2021 Parade

On Saturday the 18th of September, The Rodney Fair will be having a Parade through Rodney at 11AM., We ask that anyone who wishes to participate in the parade start arriving at the Track on the Fairgrounds at 10AM to line up. Any Child 13 or younger who participates in the Parade will be given a Toonie as well as an entry to the Bike Draw, sponsored by The Natterack Brewing Company in West Lorne.

Immediately following the Parade, the Rodney Agricultural Society will be selling Lunch at the Rec Centre and there will be Live Music at the Fairgrounds for anyone who wishes to join us.

We would like to remind anyone who will be watching the parade on the streets of Rodney, to please maintain social distancing with anyone who is not in your family.

Community Flower Show 2021 Results

The Community Flower Show held on Saturday, August 21st was a great success. Combined entries totaled 31.
Here are the results from each site:

There were 10 entries here.

1st prize Lynda Ford, Rodney
2nd prize Karen Carroll, West Lorne
3rd prize Laura Kieraszewicz, Rodney
4th prize Marion Binks, Rodney
Honorable mentions go to June Ford, Rodney, Vicki Slack, Rodney, Kendra McKillop, Mt
Brydges, Gwen Schneider, Rodney, Elaine Gray, West Lorne, and Asa Sjoberg, Oakville.

There were 7 entries here.

1st prize tie Marion Binks, Rodney and Jennifer Newport, Port Stanley
2nd prize Theresa StPierre, west Lorne
3rd prize tie Katherine Johnston, West Lorne and Karen Carroll, West Lorne
Honourable mention to Elaine Gray, West Lorne and Gwen Schneider, Rodney

There were 6 entries.
1st prize Gwen Schneider, Rodney
2nd prize, Marion Binks, Rodney
3rd prize Janet Fiore, Woodbridge
4th prize Karen Carroll, West Lorne
Honorable mention to Elaine Gray, West Lorne and John Marshall, Wardsville

There were 8 entries.

1st prize Laura Kieraszewicz, Rodney
2nd prize, Louise Gillies, London
3rd prize June Ford, Rodney
4th prize Gwen Schneider, Rodney
Honorable mention to Elaine Gray, West Lorne, Lynda Ford, Rodney, Karen Carroll, West Lorne,
Marion Binks, Rodney.

Many “THANKS” to the exhibitors! Many “THANKS” to the hosts for allowing us to hold this
Flower Show in lieu of our regular Fair Flower Show.

And many, many “THANKS” to our local businesses for donating gift certificates as prizes.
They are:
The Decorating Diva, Rodney
Erie Gardens, New Glasgow
Green St Landscaping, Rodney
Out to Lunch, West Lorne
The Wild Goat Beach Club and Cafe, Rodney

Online Exhibition

The Rodney Fair is debuting the Online Rodney Fair Exhibition. This “community-oriented” event will be the temporary place-holder of the traditional fair exhibition for this year. With no entry fee and potential prizes, there are eight classes planned for the Online Rodney Fair Exhibition which include: Field Crop Competition, Grain and Seed, Fruits and Vegetables, Creative Crafts, Flowers, Photography, Antiques, and Junior Fair.

We want to still be able to provide a fun way for the community to showcase their talents and accomplishments, and to be able to celebrate that — even if that means it is in a non-traditional format.

The categories may take place at different times, so those interested in any of the classes should check our website and social media regularly for announcements .

For most classes, unless otherwise specified, exhibitors are to submit a photo of their entry to the Rodney Fair website, Facebook page, or by email at rodneyaldboroughagsociety@outlook.com.

Any entries or participation by exhibitors 13 years or younger will be provided with a virtual entry into the annual bike draw that is sponsored by The Natterjack Brewing Company.

2021 167th Rodney Fair

After much review, the Rodney Aldborough Agricultural Society has decided to cancel the 167th Rodney Fair for 2021.

Due to the current uncertainty of COVID-19 restrictions, gathering numbers, and vaccine distribution, we are unable to plan and host a traditional fair this year.

With the hope that small events are permitted in the fall, we will continue to plan other ways for our community to gather through a combination of live, virtual, and drive-thru events.

We will present details of our plans for these Rodney Fair activities in the coming months through our website rodneyfair.com and our Facebook page . Please make sure to follow us on Facebook to see all of our updates and the coming events we hope you will be excited to take part in.

Any questions or concerns can be directed to rodneyaldboroughagsociety@outlook.com or by contacting any of the Rodney Fair board Directors.

Thank you for continuing to support your local Rodney Fair.

The Rodney Fair Board of Directors

Cope Amusements Fair Food Fun Pack

The Rodney Fair has teamed up with Cope Amusements to provide a pack of the staple treats every Fair goer craves.

  • 2 large 5 oz tubs of Cotton Candy
  • 2 bags of Caramel Corn
  • 2 Candy Apples
  • 2 Lollipops

A portion of the proceeds goes to the Rodney Fair.

All orders are due by the 14th of October, 2020. The Fair Food Fun Packs will be available for pickup at the Rodney Rec Centre on the 17th of October between 12PM and 2PM and anyone who has opted for the $5 doorstep delivery will receive their packs after 2PM.

2020 Rodney Fair Canceled

*** Important Announcement ****
After much consideration, the Rodney Aldborough Agricultural Society has made the very difficult decision for the 2020 Rodney Fair to be cancelled.
Due to the current health concerns, economic instability, and the inability to gather in groups of more than five people currently, we are unable to plan and host a fair this year.
This is the first time in the history of the Rodney Fair for it to be cancelled for the year.
We are already looking forward to our 2021 Rodney Fair and are working to organize an amazing array of activities for everyone.
In the event that small events are permitted in the fall, we hope to arrange an activity or fundraiser for our supporters.
If you have donated towards an event or purchased an advertisement in the prize book, we can either hold your place for next year or you can contact the fair board to be reimbursed.
We appreciate everyone who continues to contribute and support the Rodney Fair.

Any questions or concerns can be directed to rodneyaldboroughagsociety@outlook.com
or by contacting any of the Rodney Fair board directors.
Thank you for continuing to support your local Rodney Fair. We are excited to see you at the 2021 Rodney Fair!

The Rodney Fair Board of Directors

Thank You

From all of us at the Rodney Aldborough Agricultural Society we would like to thank everyone who supported the Rodney Fair!

Board members, Organizers, Volunteers, Donors, Sponsors, Exhibitors and Fair-Goers we thank you!

Thank you

Running on Empties

As the summer months slowly wind down, you may find yourself walking into your garage, only to realize you procrastinated on returning your empties!

If so, we will gladly take them off your hands!

Introducing Rodney Fair’s next Fundraiser
? “Running on Empties” ?

NOTE: this is a YEAR-ROUND fundraiser and we will gladly pick-up your empties at various times throughout the year!

Screen Shot 2019-08-23 at 5.23.10 PM


Thank you to everyone in the community who supported the Fair this past weekend.  The turnout was AMAZING and the feedback we have been receiving is really appreciated by members of the Fair Board.

Plans are underway for the 2019 Fair, so if you have any suggestions for events and entertainment, or would like to volunteer in some way, please drop us a line at rodneyaldboroughagsociety@outlook.com.