Rules and Regulations



  1. All exhibitors must abide by the rules of the Rodney Aldborough Agricultural Society (R.A.A.S)



  1. Exhibitors are required to pay the following membership to the RAAS:
    $5 for 1-5 entries
    $10 for 6-10 entries
    $15 for 11 and over entries.
    The membership will serve as an entry fee.
  2. Anyone may become an exhibitor/member, irrespective of residence unless otherwise specified.
  3. All exhibitors are required to pay the membership/entry fee, unless otherwise stated. Membership fees may be waived in some classes/categories.
  4. The Membership fee will not be deducted from exhibitor prize money.



  1. In case there is an error in the printing of this Prize List, the Directors of the RAAS have the authority to correct any errors.
  2. Additional rules and regulations may be listed under individual classes.
  3. All entries must be tagged and correctly filled out.
  4. Entries must be entered at the hall between 2:00 pm and 9:00 pm on Thursday of the fair weekend. No entries will be accepted after 9:00 pm.
  5. Class 8 – Culinary Arts entries will be received at the hall on the Friday of Fair weekend until 1:00 pm
  6. Exhibits/displays or entries are not available for public viewing until Friday at 4:00 pm.
  7. No article of exhibit is allowed to be taken from the hall before 4:30 pm on Sunday – the final day of the Fair.
  8. Articles must be the bonafide property of the exhibitor to be eligible for a prize, unless otherwise stated.
  9. Articles in competition will only be entitled to a prize if deemed worthy.
  10. Only one entry per section in any class, with the exception of livestock.
  11. All agricultural or horticultural produce exhibited to be grown by the exhibitor. Grain must be this year’s growth.

17.All livestock must be properly secured. All colts and cattle must be shown on halter. No grade animal allowed a prize in a purebred class.

  1. All persons (except those having business there) will be strictly excluded from the ring while livestock is being judged.



  1. Judges’ decisions are to be final
  2. Judges may disqualify soiled and/or old exhibits.
  3. Judges shall have discretionary powers to withhold any prize where they deem an article unworthy.
  4. Anyone who interferes with the judge while carrying out his/her duties shall forfeit the right to a prize, or could be asked to leave the property.
  5. Protests must be entered in writing within 12 hours of judging, accompanied with a fee of $25 which will be refunded if the protest is sustaided.



  1. All prize cheques issued by the RAAS must be presented at the bank on or before December 31st of the current Fair year. All prize money will be distributed after 4:30 on the Sunday of the Fair.
  2. The interpretations of all rules to be made by the Board of Directors and their decision will be final.

26.While the Directors agree to take every precaution to ensure safety of animals and articles sent to the Fair, it must be strictly understood that the owners are required to assume all risk; and should any animal, article or personal item be accidentally injured, lost or stolen, the Directors will render all the assistance in their power for the recovery of the same, but will not recognize any claim for payment of the value or portion thereof.

27.The Society will not be held responsible for specials unpaid by the donors.

  1. The Board of Directors reserve the right to make reduction of prize money awards as circumstances beyond their control warrant.



  1. All people entering the Fair grounds during the fair are subject to paying admission. This includes vendors, exhibitors, etc.
  2. No alcohol can be consumed on the Fair grounds unless in designationed area.
  3. The Directors have the power to regulate or prevent the sale of all goods or merchandise on the grounds or within 300 yards from the same, and any person, after due notice, who violates this rule shall be liable to be removed and subject to the penalties of the law. (See r.S.O. 1960, chpt. 11, sec 19).

32.Commercial exhibitors (vendors) will be charges $4 per foot for table rental or a maximum of $75 for outside space used for advertise, and $5 per foot for inside space.

  1. All commercial exhibitors and concessionaires must sign a ‘Hold Harmless’ agreement, absolving the RAAS of any liability arising from any injuries or accidents that might occur during the Fair.
  2. While the Directors of the RAAS will use every available means to prevent accidents in and/or about the grounds, it must be distinctly understood that all persons going into or upon the show grounds must personally assume all risk of accidents or injury from any cause whatsoever.
  3. Annual Meeting of the RAAS to be held in January.