2022-2023 Ambassador’s Message from Destiny Vickers

“Every fall, a series of fairs are held throughout Ontario to celebrate diversity, agriculture, sense of community, and a successful harvest for farmers. Through a celebration of joy, laughter, music, dancing, cattle, and a whole lot of crops we all come together in unity in celebration of our accomplishments as small rural farming communities. I may not have grown up in a small town, but I have found my home in Rodney. The fair was the first event I went to when I moved here. I remember watching my sister’s joy as she saw the horses, and the inspiration I felt watching the Ambassador competition in hopes of one day being the next ambassador. The Rodney fair not only is a celebration but also a way to bring diversity, inclusivity, and overall a sense of community. 

Last September, I was given the honour of being named Rodney-Aldborough Fair Ambassador for 2022-2023. Throughout the duration of the fair weekend, I got to partake in the fair on a whole new level, joining the historic line of spectacular ambassadors before me. I judged the baby contest (can I tell you that was a hard one), handed out ribbons at the cattle show, showed pies at the tractor pull, was part of the scavenger hunt, I even participated in the farm olympics carrying hay bales while sporting a sash and crown. I’d say the highlight of the weekend was the inclusivity I felt being the Ambassador, not only did I feel like royalty, but also a sense of inclusivity. You really do become like a local celebrity. 

My journey as Fair Ambassador did not end there, throughout the year I was able to partake in countless events, from the AGM in January where I officially introduced myself to the fair board, to the District 13 AGM where I met fellow phenomenal district 13 ambassadors. In February was the OAAS convention, where we all got super pumped for the CNE, but also had the opportunity of meeting ambassadors from far and near, learning about aspects from other fairs, to incorporate into ours, problem solving, and leadership skills. I will certainly say being the ambassador has been a major highlight in my life, and one I will never forget. 

In August, I will have the honour of competing and attending the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto, in hopes of receiving the title of Ambassador of the Fairs. This will be one of my final steps as Fair Ambassador, I will proudly represent Rodney with great pride, and courage and will hope to inspire the next generation to step out of their comfort zone and be the next Rodney-Aldborough Fair Ambassador.

Let me tell you, you will not forget. It’s a once in a lifetime chance to represent everything that you and your community stand for. We celebrate to show our accomplishments as a community, and bring joy. See you all at the 2023 Rodney Fair, which I know the Rodney Aldborough Agricultural Society has been hard at work planning and finalising another grand slam fair.”

Destiny Vickers, 2022-2023 Rodney Fair Ambassador