Demolition Derby – Rules and Regulations

Rodney Aldborough Agricultural Society Demolition Derby

Rules and Regulations

  1. Each driver must fill out an entry All drivers must supply their own cars. ONLY ONE ENTRY PER PERSON. Proof of ownership must accompany each car entered.
  2. Each driver must be of legal age in Ontario (18 years) and must hold a valid Drivers
  3. The track or promoter reserves the right to approve or reject any and all
  4. Only owners, drivers, mechanics (pit crew) who sign the release sheet will be permitted in the pit area or on the
  5. No cars are permitted in the competition area before the heat they are to participate in.
  6. The promoter, track owners, or Rodney Aldborough Agricultural Society will not be held responsible for any cars, parts or personal property before, during or after the

Type of Car

  1. Any American made stock, hardtop automobile or station wagon is No trucks, convertibles, jeeps, hearses, limousines are allowed.
  2. Any stock factory made rear ends are permitted, including positraction and limited slip

Preparation of Car:  REMOVE the following BEFORE arriving at fairgrounds or track.

  1. Car must be race ready, and ready for inspection when entering fairgrounds.
  2. All glass including windshields, side windows, rear window, head and (Rolling windows down is not permitted). 
  3. Chrome moulding strips and the bottom portion of rear seats.
  4. Any sharp protruding fins or dangerous objects.
  5. NO special bumpers, reinforcements, fabrications or trailer hitches are permitted.
  6. Welded solid or chained down engine mounts are recommended.
  7. Roll over bars are allowed, but not necessary.
  8. MANDATORY restraints needed for the driver’s seat and door.  No other reinforcement in the interior of car with bars.
  9. No spring jacks, blocked shocks or reversed shackles are permitted, and suspensions must be free of blocks.
  10. Only one automotive type battery is allowed, it may be moved to any position in the car, but it must be securely fastened and covered.  Boxed-in (no bungy cords). 
  11. All doors must be fastened shut by wire, straps or welded for driver’s safety.
  12. Cutting fenders for wheel clearance only is permitted and ends of bumpers may be cut off.
  13. Radiators, transmission coolers and heaters must remain in the original position or be taken off.
  14. Hood may be fastened down in four places; trunk or tailgate must be fastened down in four (4) places with only two (2) strands of wire through each hole.  It is recommended that the hood and trunk springs be removed. Official’s decision over use of wire will prevail.  No additional weight in the trunk is allowed.
  15. Drivers door should be painted white and left blank for numbering.  Special numbers are permitted, but only on white background.
  16. Stock gas tanks must be removed.  A five (5) gallon portable tank may be located on the front of the rear riser ahead of the rear axle or the nearest convenient location closest to the rear axle on station wagons. All tanks must be securely fastened, ahead of rear axle and covered. A minimum of three (3) gallons of gas is permitted per heat.
  17. Fuel injected cars may move the original gas tank into the back seat.  It must be well secured with leak proof fittings and have a fireproof shield.  It must also have a safety toggle switch for fuel pump.
  18. Cars with electric fuel pump must have a safety shut off switch with easy access left of the steering column between column and window, post painted with florescent red paint.
  19. Auto must be swept clean. No junk tires, wheels, metal parts etc. allowed in car.
  20. Each car must be signed in and inspected to the entrance of the infield and each driver will be assigned a heat…NO ENTRIES WILL BE ALLOWED ONE-HOUR PRIOR TO SHOW time. 
  21. It is recommended that driver’s door be reinforced inside with steel bar, angle iron, or pipe.  Length not to extend more than 8 inches on either end of driver’s door.
  22. It is mandatory that a minimum 16-inch opening is cut in the centre of hood over carburetor and the carburetor be covered by a breather to prevent unnecessary fires.
  23. Only automotive type 4 ply tires allowed.  No double tires or liquid in tires. No studs or screws in rims to hold tires.
  24. A strong wire, bar, or cable should be attached from the bottom to the top of the windshield on or near the driver’s side of the vehicle.  This safety precaution is taken to prevent injury to the driver in the event that a front-end collision may dislodge the hood and send it into the driver’s compartment through the open windshield. Scatter shields are also recommended.


  1. A safety belt, Z-90 approved helmet and approved goggles (all goggles and face shields must be clear in colour) for eye protection is required.
  2. Drivers may manoeuvre forward and backward, but there will be NO DELIBRATE HEAD-ON COLLISIONS AND NO DELIBRATE HITTING ON THE DRIVERS DOOR.
  3. Vehicles must be dependable and have sufficient brakes at all times. Boundaries must be observed.
  4. NO DRINKING OF ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES ON TRACK, EMERGENCY VEHICLE AREA OR IN THE PIT.  Any driver or pit crew member under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be disqualified and removed from the grounds.
  5. A vehicle will be disqualified if the driver’s door comes open during a heat.
  6. The track officials enforce a one-minute time limit for restarts and making competitive contact with another car.  Hits must be aggressive. Simple contact with the time limit does not constitute combat and could be considered sandbagging.
  7. All cars are to be removed from the fairgrounds the day after the show by 9:00 a.m or they will become the property of the Rodney Aldborough Agricultural Society and the officials will have them removed unless otherwise notified at the drivers meeting.  A removal deposit may be required in some instances.
  8. A $100 protest fee is required to contest and action against another car.
  9. Anyone in the pit area must be 18 years or older.
  10. Anyone without a Pit Pass is found associating with a car in the pit area or ring, the car would be disqualified for the day.
  11. Only officials and drivers of derby cars are allowed in the ring.

Additional safety regulations may be imposed depending on the track!

The derby will be composed of individual heats, powder-puff and the finals. Cash prizes and trophies will go the winners of each heat, powder-puff and finals. The 2nd place winners will receive a cash prize.  All 1st place heat winners go on to the feature event. The Rodney Fair will also award two trophies for Best Looking Entries.  The decision of the judges is final as to the winners in each heat.  Rules and heats are subject to change without notice according to the Rodney Aldborough Agricultural Society.  Titles must be turned in on all cars left for junk.