Class 8 – Flowers

Superintendent: Laura Kieraszewicz (519) 785 2092

Committee: Marion Binks, Carolyn Guest, Mary Jocius, Roxanne Nethercott, Marjorie Prieksaitis, Vicki Slack



  1.  All entries in hall on Thursday, Sept. 12th from 2 – 9 p.m.
  2.  Only 1 entry per section and from exhibitor’s home garden.
  3.  Rules for judging are from REVISED publication #34, available from O.M.A.F.R.A. Copies of these can be found in the local libraries.


The Rodney-Aldborough Agricultural Society gratefully acknowledges Rodney and District Horticultural Society for funding prizes in the Flower Show..


Tips to Consider:

condition:       free of disease, insect damage, etc

form:             proper shape for type of flowers

substance:     fresh, not wilted or old

uniformity:   in size

stems:           strong and straight

PLEASE NOTE: the number of stems or blooms required in each section. There are many tips for conditioning flowers, according to type. Please research your flower type for optimum quality.


Prize Sections 1 – 20 $5, $4. $3


Cut Flowers

  1.  Marigold, small, 5 blooms
  2.  Marigold, large, 3 blooms
  3.  Black-eyed Susans, (Rudbeckia) 5 blooms
  4.  Zinnia, 3 blooms
  5.  Snapdragons, 3 stems
  6.  Chrysanthemum, 1 spray
  7.  Salvia, any colour, 3 stems
  8.  Gladiolus, 1 spike
  9.  Sunflower, decorative type, 3 stems
  10.  Rose, red, own foliage attached
  11.  Rose, any other colour, own foliage attached
  12.  Hydrangea, 1 fresh bloom
  13.  Petunias, 3 stems
  14.  Sedum, 3 stems
  15.  Floating Flower Head, foliage optional, 1 bloom
  16.  Dahlias, small, 4” – 6”, 3 blooms
  17.  Flower not listed above, 3 stems


Potted Plants – owned by exhibitor minimum three months

  1.  Favourite Houseplant, max. pot size 12”
  2.  Cacti or Succulent Plants, can be a grouping, max. pot size 12”
  3.  African Violet, single crown, 1 pot


Prize Sections 21 – 23: $6, $5, $4

Bouquets: a designed bunch of flowers/foliage in a suitable container

  1.  Dahlias
  2.  Hydrangea
  3.  Mixed Garden Flowers, 3 kinds or more


Prize Sections 24 – 27 $7, $6, $5.

Arrangements / Design   – Artistically arranged, suitable container, other plant material allowed

NO SILK FLOWERS, NO DYED MATERIAL. PLEASE take note when size and dimensions are stipulated.

  1.  “Tiny Twinkies” – a miniature design not to exceed 5 “ in any direction.
  2.  “Dancing Green Lights” – a freestyle arrangement of green plant material, in a suitable container.
  3.  “Moonlight” – an arrangement of all white flowers.
  4.  “Carnival Colours” – a small arrangement of vibrant coloured flowers not to exceed 10” in any direction.




Our THANKS to the donors of prizes in this section.

  1. “Happy Birthday!” – An arrangement of fresh flowers, foliage, accessories, in a suitable container, to be used at a child’s’ birthday party. Gift Certificates of 1st, $10,2nd, $8, and 3rd. $7, donated by Green St. Landscaping, Rodney.
  2. “A Little Bit Country” – An arrangement of wildflowers, plants, and natural materials, in a “country” themed container. 1St, $15, 2nd.$10, 3rd, $5, donated by West Elgin Nature Trust.
  3. “Marching Band” – a “parallel design” using seasonal flowers, foliage and accessories. (A parallel design has 3 or more vertical groupings of material with open spaces between the groupings.) Gift Certificates of 1st. $15, 2nd,$10, and 3rd, $5, donated by Tasty Sweets Cafe and Bakery, West Lorne. Refer to Ontario Judging publication #34 for description of a parallel design.
  4. “Masquerade”– an arrangement of fresh flowers and foliage incorporating a mask.1st. $20 Gift Certificate donated by Crazy 8 Barn, Palmyra, 2nd. Garden gift Pack donated by Knight’s Home Hardware, West Lorne, 3rd, $10 Gift Certificate donated by Jeraniums Ceramics and Gifts, Rodney.
  5. “COUNTRY NIGHTS and CARNIVAL LIGHTS” – a freestyle design featuring the Fair Theme. In keeping with the theme, it is optional to incorporate battery powered lights in the design  1st, $25, 2nd. $15, 3rd. $10, donated by Andrew and Laura Kieraszewicz



“Best of Show” – Judge’s Choice from the ENTIRE Flower Show.

One Prize – $20 Gift Certificate from Erie Gardens, New Glasgow


Fair Flowers