Junior Fair Baking Entries – Ages 12-21

Junior Fair Baking Entries (Ages 12-21)

For Section B (Rodney Fair Junior Baking Champion), rules 1–15 apply.  No Mixes allowed.  

Prizes: Section J1-J11:  1st $7; 2nd $5; 3rd $4.

J-1       Chocolate Chip Cookies (4)

J-2       Peanut Butter Cookies (4)

J-3       Plain Rice Krispie Squares – 2” squares (4)

J-4       Chocolate Fudge (plain) – 1” squares (4)

J-5       Chocolate Brownies (un-iced) – 2” squares (4)

J-6       Banana Muffins – plain (4)

J-7       Blueberry Muffins – plain (4)

J-8       Sugar Cookies (4)

J-9       Apple Pie – 9” full top (spiced)

J-10     White bread from bread machine

J-11     Mayor’s Special (Bernie Wiehle) for Junior Fair Baking (ages 12-21). 

Apple Pie (spiced).

Prize: 1st $25; 2nd $15; 3rd $10.  Recipe must be attached.  A special ribbon will also be given to the First Prize winner.

J-12     Presidents Special (Alyson Hawken).  Elementary Age Special (ages 4-11).

Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies (1 dozen).

Prize: 1st $15; 2nd $10; 3rd $5.  Entry to become property of sponsor.  Please attach recipe (kids to prepare/make.  Parents to bake).