Class 22 – Truck Pull 4×4 Trucks

Friday September 13, 2019
Time: 7:00 pm


Superintendent: Judy Macuda (519) 693-4680


General Non-Circuit Rules

  1.  Local Classes will be competing for prize(s) only, no points to be awarded. The promoter will determine all prizes.
  2.  Must pay membership to SWOTPA.
  3.  Must be registered prior to start of pull.
  4.  Must be present in staging area when class is called.
  5.  Max speed in pit/track area is 10km/h, speeding will result in disqualification.
  6.  No alcohol to be consumed prior to pulling.
  7.  Track official has right to disqualify any participants.
  8.  All general SWOTPA rules apply to local classes.
  9.  All weights must be securely fastened.
  10.  Tractors must burn stock fuel.


Additional Truck Rules

  1.  Trucks must be street legal, licensed, and insured for the road.
  2.  Hitch is to be rear most point of truck.
  3.  Muffler must be attached.
  4.  Added weights must be secure in box or flatbed, no weight allowed in cab. No weights mounted forward of the stock bumper and/or grill.
  5.  Driver must hold a valid Drivers License.
  6.  No passengers allowed in vehicles – drivers only.
  7.  May compete in one class only, one hook per class unless pull off.