Class 20 – Antiques and Collectibles

Superintendent:  June McLarty  (519) 693.4680


  1. Antiques must be at least 50 years old.
  2. Exhibitors may not enter more than one (1) entry in each section.
  3. Exhibitors should own article exhibited.
  4. Historical interest and approximate age of entry would be appreciated but is not necessary for a prize.
  5. Each exhibitor is requested to keep a list of articles exhibited as a check at close of the Fair.
  6. All showcases will be locked for exhibitor’s protection.
  7. In fairness to other exhibitors, dealers in antiques will not be eligible to compete.
  8. Articles to be removed from cases by directors only – for safety.
  9. All tickets must be securely fastened to the article exhibited.

NOTE:  We will do our utmost to return all antiques in the condition in which you bring them.  However, all antiques are exhibited at the owner’s risk.

Prize Sections:  1st $3;  2nd $2;  3rd $1

  1.  Mason Jar
  2. Toy Tractor
  3. Christmas Ornament
  4. Moustache Mug
  5. Flour Sifter
  6. Hand Mixer
  7. Doll
  8. Old Magazine
  9. Honey Pail
  10. Binoculars
  11. Eye Glasses
  12. “Stump the Judge”