Class 13 – Photography

Superintendent:  Marguerite Alderton – (519) 693.4315

 Committee:   Dorothy Long, Theresa St. Pierre, Tammie Oliveria, Leah Smith, Jill Downie, Maria VanLith & Marguerite Alderton

Rules Sections 1-23

  1. Each photo must be mounted separately; suitably displayed on Bristol board or stiff cardboard (construction paper will not stay mounted in the display and will therefore not be accepted).
  2. Matte should measure 25cm (10 inches) HIGH and not more than 20cm (8inches) WIDE. These sizes are mandatory, or photos will not properly display in units. ONLY photos properly mounted will be displayed.

            NOTE: dimensions for “SPECIALS” vary, see rules below.

  1. ONLY one (1) entry per section.
  2. Photos may be a product of camera, cell phones or tablets (excluding Section 17 which is Smart (cell) Phone ONLY).
  3. Open to non-professional photographers. Must be taken by THE EXHIBITOR except where indicated and cannot have been shown in previous Rodney Fairs.
  4. Please place entry tag in LOWER RIGHT-HAND CORNER close to the picture for display purposes.
  5. Every effort will be made to protect photos from potential damage but take note that Rodney Fair is not responsible for any damage that may occur to photos that are submitted.

  Additional rules for SPECIALS Sections 24-34

  1. Matte should measure 25cm (10 inches) HIGH and as wide as necessary to mount the number of photos required for that section.
  2. Entries in these sections will be awarded monetary prizes for FIRST PLACE ONLY.  NOTE: 2nd and 3rd place will still be identified.