Arrangements/Design – artistically arranged; suitable container; other plant material allowed.  NO SILKS.  NO DYED MATERIAL.  PLEASE TAKE NOTE when size and dimensions are stipulated.

Prize Sections 24–27:  1st $7; 2nd $6; 3rd $5

  1. “Tiny but Mighty”. A miniature design not to exceed 5” in any direction.
  2. “Green Machine”. A freestyle arrangement of green plant material in a suitable container.
  3. “Revved Up”. An arrangement of vibrant coloured fresh flowers.
  4. “Autumn Beauty!”. A small arrangement of autumn coloured flowers, not to exceed 10” in any direction

 Special/Arrangements – Our thanks to the donors of prizes in this section.

  1. “Banana Cream Pie” An arrangement of fresh flowers, foliage, accessories, in a suitable container.  To be used on a centrepiece.  Prize:  Gift Certificates:  1st $10; 2nd $8; 3rd $7.  Donated by Green Street Landscaping, Rodney.
  1. “Rooted in Nature”. An arrangement of wildflowers, plants and natural materials.  Prize:  1st $15; 2nd $10; 3rd $5.  Donated by West Elgin Nature Trust.
  1. “Making Tracks”. A “LINE” design using seasonal flowers, in which a linear pattern is dominant.  Prize:  Gift Certificates:  1st $15; 2nd $10; 3rd $5.  Donated by Tasty Sweets Café and Bakery, West Lorne.  Refer to Ontario Judging publication #34 for description of a line design.
  1. “Don’t Squash Me!”. A MODERN MASS design (a design of 3-5 groups of plant material).  HINT:  design in groups.  Refer to Ontario Judging Publication #34.  Prize:  1st $20 Gift Certificate donated by Crazy 8 Barn, Palmyra; 2nd Garden Gift Pack donated by Knight’s Home Hardware, West Lorne; 3rd Collection of fall bulbs for planting donated by the Superintendent.
  1. “Mighty Machines Making Tracks to the Fair”. A freestyle design featuring the Fair theme.   Prize:  1st $25; 2nd $15; 3rd $10.  Donated by Joann and Harry Vergeer.