Quilts and Afghans

The Ontario Association of Agricultural Societies (OAAS), has two Champion Quilt Competitions for Hand Quilted Quilts, and a Machine Quilted Quilt/Wall Hanging.

Both quilts must be at least 324” on the perimeter, to be eligible to proceed to the next level of OAAS.  Smaller quilts will be eligible in their categories at the Fair but will not be judged for the OAAS.  Only first place quilts at the local fairs will be eligible for competition at district level.

To enter this competition, the Grand Champion Quilt must first compete in the District Quilt Competition in November.  The first prize quilt is then entered in the OAAS competition which is held at the OAAS Annual Convention in Toronto in February.  The exhibitor will retain ownership of the quilt at all levels of competition.  The hand quilted quilt must be solely made and hand quilted by an individual.  Please attach samples to every entry and include the name of the pattern.

Helpful Hints

  • Attention should be given to general appearance and design.
  • Keep backing smooth and free of wrinkles
  • A quilt or quilted article must have three (3) layers; a front, a filling and a back.
  • Keep stitches uniform and evenly spaced on both front and back
  • No pencil or stencil markings should be visible.
  • Points and corners mitered or rounded.

 If you do not want to have your double size plus quilt entered into the Regional Competition, please state this clearly on your entry tag.

 Prizes 1-15:  1st $11; 2nd $8; 3rd $5

  1. Appliqued quilt, hand quilted
  2. Pieced quilt, decorated fabrics, hand quilted
  3. Quilt, plain on both sides, hand quilted
  4. Quilt, new pattern, hand quilted
  5. Quilt, old pattern, hand quilted
  6. Embroidered quilt, hand quilted
  7. Quilt, strip method, hand quilted
  8. Quilted wall hanging (ready to hang)
  9. Ontario Agricultural Annual Champion Hand Quilt Competition – Grand Champion Section 1-8 are eligible.

Machine/hand quilted wall hanging is measured on perimeter.  Total perimeter to be a minimum of 480cm (192”), square or rectangle.

Quilt/wall hanging must be solely made and machine quilted by the exhibitor on a short arm machine.  In this section, no long arm machines are to be used and must have visible machine quilting.

  1. Machine quilt, cotton pieced, quilted by exhibitor
  2. Machine quilt, pieced sampler, quilted by exhibitor
  3. Machine quilt, preprinted cloth or plain fabric, quilted by the exhibitor
  4. Machine quilt, appliqued, quilted by exhibitor
  5. Machine quilt, Wall Hanging (ready to hang; size stated above)
  6. Ontario Agricultural Annual Champion Machine Quilt Competition – Grand Champion Section 10-14 are eligible.

Prizes 16-30:  1st $7; 2nd $5; 3rd $4

  1. Lap quilt – any type of quilting; approximately 50” x 65”
  2. Tie quilt – any size
  3. Special for Organizations – quilt showing best quilting $10
  4. Quilt, machine quilted using long arm – larger than crib quilt
  5. Crib quilt, pieced, machine or hand quilted
  6. Quilt for a doll bed – smaller than 30” x 36”
  7. Quilt wall hanging, any size (workmanship judged)
  8. Quilt, machine quilted using Short arm – larger than crib quilt
  9. Embroidered quilt – any size
  10. Rag quilt – any size
  11. Quilt, cheater or panel – any size
  12. Attic Treasure Quilt Over 20 years old – any size. Does not need to be quilted by exhibitor.
  13. Quilt – Your choice; that is not listed
  14. Afghan, knitted
  15. Afghan, crocheted