Class 9 – Creative Crafts

Superintendent:  Jill Downie

Committee:  Geri Tenuta, Vicki Slack, June Ford, Maria Vanlith, Margie Alderton, Rosanne Schleihauf, Lynda Ford, Joan Lashbrook

1.  All entries must be in the hall by Thursday, September13, 2018 by 9:00pm

2.  No exhibitor may have more than one entry per section. Only Quilt work can be entered again in alternate years.

3.  Judges will disallow any soiled, defaced or old work. Entries must be clean and up to date work.  In sections where there is no competition, unless the exhibit is worthy, no prize will be awarded.

4.  While every reasonable precaution will be taken to ensure the safety of articles submitted for judging, the exhibitors will assume all risks, and the Rodney Aldborough Fair is not responsible for damaged, lost or stolen goods.