Class 13 – Ambassador of the Fair

Friday September 13th, 2019
Time: 7:00pm
West Elgin Community Centre

Superintendent: Katie McIntyre


  • Ambassador Competition is open to ALL students who are (or will be) at least 18 years of age by August 2020 to qualify to compete at the CNE.
  • Contestants will be required to submit a biography, participate in an interview, prepare a speech and answer an impromptu question.


The GRAND PRIZE is a $1000 bursary, sponsored by West Elgin Mutual.


Interested contestants are encouraged to enter the contest by September 1st, 2019 as we must have at least 3 candidates for the contest to proceed!


To enter the contest or for more information, contact Katie McIntyre at


All Ambassador Contestants will have a fun and action packed weekend ahead of them at the fair. They will have the opportunity to meet members of our community and fair-goers, participate in the great lineup of events we have planned, do some judging and handout prizes to exhibitors and enjoy all that the fair has to offer!