2023 Rodney Fair Class Lists

  1. Cattle Show
    Superintendent: Alan Carroll – 519-768-2759
    Sunday September 17, 2023 Time: 11:00 am

    Special Thanks to the following donors for their sponsorship:
    Denfield Livestock Exchange – Bob Paterson
    Alan Carroll – Judy Macuda – Alan & Lois Woolner
    Dixon Feed Service – Waldorf Farms – West Elgin Accounting
    Wallenstein Feed & Supply – Elgin Beef Farmers

    1. All cattle to be on grounds and registered by 10:00 am.
    2. Note: the “Everyone Pays” policy applies. Everyone entering the Fair Grounds is required to pay admission.
    4. At any time a member of the Fair Executive may ask to see your 4H Membership card.
    5. It is recommended that cattle stay on the Fair Grounds until 4:00 pm.
    6. Cattle exhibiting fee: $5.00 entry fee per animal.

    4H Inter-County Beef Calf Competition
    Prize Sections 1-8: $40; $35, $30
    All placings after 3rd receive $5.00
    Prize Section 9 – Grand & Reserve Champion – $40; $30 and Rosettes
    1. Junior Heifer Calves (Born between Jan 1& Mar 31 2023)
    2. Junior Yearling Heifer (Born between Apr 1 & Dec 31 2022)
    3. Senior Yearling Heifer (Born between Jan 1 & Mar 31 2022)
    4. Market Heifer
    5. Market Steer
    6. Junior Showmanship (9-13 years as of Jan 1, 2023)
    7. Intermediate Showmanship (14-17 as of Jan 1, 2023)
    8. Senior Showmanship (18-21 Years as of Jan 1, 2023)
    9. Grand & Reserve Champion Showman
    *(Top 2 entries from sections 6, 7 & 8)

    Specials for ANY Youth
    Prize Sections: $50; $45, $40; $25 (5th-15th $15)
    10. For any individual, 16 years of age or younger
    *(do not need to be a 4H Member and calves do not need to be owned by a showman or their family. May borrow a calf to show).
    *Entries will be judged on 75% showmanship, 25% animal.

    Open Breeding Cattle Classes – All breeds welcome
    Prize Sections 11-18: $50; $45; $40; $35
    Prize Sections 19-20: $50; $40 and Rosette
    11. Bull Calf, 2023
    12. Bull, Apr 1 – Dec 31, 2022
    13. Bull, Jan 1 – Mar 31, 2022
    14. Heifer Calf, 2023
    15. Female, Apr 1 – Dec 31, 2022
    16. Female, Jan 1 – Mar 31, 2022
    17. Female, With A Calf at Foot
    18. Herd, Both Sexes Represented
    19. Champion & Reserve Male
    20. Champion & Reserve Female

    Market Class
    Prize Sections 21-23: $50; $45; $40; $35
    Prize Section 24: $50, $40 and Rosette
    21. Heavy Steers
    22. Light Steers
    23. Grade Heifer, Any weight
    24. Champion & Reserve Market Animal
    25. Junior Showmanship Special
    *Open to all non 4H members, aged 9 and under. May have help from a parent or other adult. No entry fee. Entries to be made prior to special. Each exhibitor to receive $5.00

Superintendent: Laura Smith – fordlaura1@gmail.com

Thank you to all of our sponsors for their contribution to the Fair

– All entries must be tagged and in the hall by 9:00 pm on Thursday September 14, 2023.
– Crop/grain must be from the current year.

Prize Sections 1-7: 1st -$30, 2nd – $25, 3rd – $15
1. One quart of winter wheat in a glass jar, named
2. One quart of soybeans in a glass jar, named
3. One quart of corn in a glass jar, named
4. Six ears of corn, named
5. Six stalks of silage corn, named
6. Six stalks soybeans, named
7. Combined entry of 5 ears of corn and 5 stalks of soybeans

Prize Sections 8-10 1st – $25, 2nd – $20, 3rd – $15, 4th – $10
Special entrants for under the age of 16
8. Six stalks of soybeans
9. Six stalks of corn
10. One quart of grain, mix of corn, soybeans, and wheat, decorated to the Fair Theme

4. Fruits & Vegetables
Superintendent: Lynda Ford – 519-785-0559

1. All entries must be tagged and in the hall by 9:00 pm on September 14, 2023.
2. Only one entry per section.
3. All produce must be grown locally.
Tips: Tomatoes should have the calyx left on.
4. Small vegetables to be shown on a disposable plate.
5. Vegetables should be uniform in size and shape.
6. Root crop tops trimmed to ½” above the crown.
7. Potatoes brushed clean, not washed.
8. Onions cleaned, not peeled.

Prize Sections 1-32: 1st – $5, 2nd – $4, 3rd – $3
1. Plate of 3 apples
2. Plate of 3 pears
3. Plate of 3 bunches of grapes (red or green)
4. Plums – one quart
5. Raspberries – 1 pint
6. Muskmelons – 2
7. Watermelon, single
8. Beans – 5 green
9. Beans – 5 yellow
10. Beets – 3 table
11. Carrots – 5
12. Parsnips – 3
13. Cucumbers, slicing – 3
14. Onions, Spanish – 3
15. Onions, any other variety – 5
16. Peppers, sweet – 3
17. Peppers, jalapeno – 5
18. Potatoes – 5 (variety named)
19. Tomatoes, any table variety – 3
20. Tomatoes, cherry – minimum 6 stem on
21. Pumpkins – 2 pie pumpkins
22. Squash, pepper – 2
23. Squash, butternut – 2
24. Squash, Hubbard – 2
25. Squash, oddest shape
26. Cabbage, green – 1
27. Cabbage, red – 1
28. Sunflower, largest head
29. Garlic, any variety – 3 bulbs
30. Ornamental Corn, 3 husked back and tied for hanging
31. Largest and smallest vegetable from my garden (same type)
32. Collection of 3 or more potted herbs, any container suitable for a deck or patio
33. Decorative basket or other container using fruits and  vegetables to depict the fair theme. Not to exceed 40 cm. in any direction.

1st Prize: $20 donated by Norma and the late Duncan McPhail
34.“Bee Special” a special to feature fruit and vegetables that need pollinators. May include honey and flowers. Arrangement should not exceed 40 cm in any direction.
1st Prize: $20 donated by Wiehle Honey
35. A basket of fruit and vegetables ready to take to a friend.
1st Prize: A cutting board donated by Creative Designs Glencoe, and a cash award of $10

Special – The person with the most points in sections 1-32 will win a $50 gift certificate from Ace Country and Garden, Glencoe.

The Great Pumpkin Contest – Largest Pumpkin by Weight
1st Place: $100.00 – donated by Andrew and Laura Kieraszewicz
2nd Place: $50.00 – donated by R.A.A.S.
3rd Place: $25.00 – donated by R.A.A.S.

5. Art
Superintendent: Dan Balint 226-688-7839

Art work must be an original exhibit for this fair. Only one entry per person in each section. All paintings can be entered on framed canvas or regular frames without glass, and mounted with exhibitor tags attached. Please Cover Artist’s name. No prize will be given if work is not worthy of a prize in a section. No paint by numbers or prints.

Students- Artwork on paper or framed canvas or frames WITHOUT glass. No fee for WESS sections. Other sections’ entry fee is charged. Please attach exhibitors tag and cover artist’s name.

1. $5 for 1-5 entres, $10 for 6-10 entries, $15 for 11 and over entries
The membership will serve as an entry fee.
2. Anyone may become an exhibitor/member, irrespective of residence unless otherwise specified.
3. All exhibitors are required to pay the membership/entry fee, unless otherwise stated. Membership fees may be waived in some classes/categories.
4. The Membership fee will not be deducted from exhibitor prize money

Prizes: Section 1-20 1st – $8, 2nd – $6, 3rd – $4
Oil or Acrylics
1. Miniature painting-any topic
2. Landscape
3. Waterscape
4. Abstract
5. Portrait
6. Still life
7. Animals

Water Colours
8. Miniature painting-any topic
9. Landscape
10. Waterscape
11. Portrait
12. Still Life
13. Animals

Pencil or Charcoal
14. Still Life
15. Wildlife
16. Portrait

Miscellaneous Category
17. Collage, all mediums accepted
18. Open Class any media any type
19. Fair Theme “Farm Life” any medium “NEW”
20. Sunflower – any medium “NEW”

Special Prize: $25 to the exhibitor that accumulates the most points in Sections 1-20.
Prize generously donated by John and Gloria Zsoldos

West Elgin Secondary School Students only – No Fee
Prizes for Section 21- 30 1st – $8, 2nd – $6, 3rd – $4

21. Pencil (B&W) Grid Portrait of a person
22. Still Life with Shading Techniques
23. Acrylic Painting
24. Geometric Pattern stamping
25. Open Category – any medium or combination
26. Colour Drawing – any topic
27. Digital Art – Using old art to sell a product
28. Narrative Oil Painting
29. Cartoon Character
30. Portraits (colour or Blank & White)

Special Prize: $25 to the student that accumulates the most points in sections 21-30. 
Prize generously donated by John and Gloria Zsoldos.

6. Creative Crafts
Superintendent: Kate Ireland – 226-456-1816
Sandra VanBreda, and Trina Jensen
All entries must be in the hall by Thursday, September 14th 2023 at 9pm
Exhibitors may not have more than one entry per section. Only quilt work may be entered in alternate years.
Judges will not allow any work that is soiled, defaced, or reused from previous fair exhibitions. Homemade entries must be clean and up to date.
In sections where there is no competition, unless the exhibit is worthy, no prize will be awarded.
While every reasonable precaution will be taken to ensure the safety of articles submitted for judging, the exhibitors will assume all risks, and the Rodney Aldborough Fair is not responsible for damaged, lost, or stolen goods.

OAAS Quilt Competition
The Ontario Association of Agricultural Societies (OAAS) has two Champion Quilt Competitions; Quilted Quilts and Machine Quilted Quilt/Wall Hanging
All quilts must be at least 324” in order to be eligible to proceed to the next level of OAAS Competition
Only first place quilts from the local fairs will be eligible for competition at the district level
To enter this competition, the Grand Champion Quilt must first compete in the District Quilt Competition in November. The first prize quilt is then entered in the OAAS Annual Convention, held in Toronto in February of the following year
The exhibitor will retain ownership of the quilt at all levels of competition
The hand-quilted quilt must be solely made and hand-quilted by an individual
Please attach samples to every entry and include the name of the pattern
Machine quilted articles must be solely made and machine quilted on a short-arm machine, as per OAAS regulations 
The use of domestic, mid-arm and/or long-arm equipment is permitted on hand- or computer-guided machine quilt entries
The quilting must be through all three layers (top,batting, and back) and must not be mounted on a frame
The quilt may have a sleeve attached to the back for the purposes of hanging the quilt

Helpful Hints:
Attention should be given to the general appearance and design
Keep the backing smooth and free of wrinkles
A quilt or quilted article must have 3 layers: a front, a filling, and a back
Keep stitches uniform and evenly spaced on both the front and back
No pencil or stencil markings should be visible
All points and corners should be mitered or rounded
Please place tag in right hand corner
If you do not want to leave your double-size + quilt entered into the Regional Competition, please state this clearly on the entry tag

Quilting and Blankets
Sections 1-7 Prizes: 1st: $15, 2nd: $10, 3rd: $5 
1. Quilt, embroidered, pieced or hand-appliqued, hand quilted
2.Ontario Agricultural Annual Champion Hand Quilt Competition – Grand Champion from Section 1 is eligible

3. Machine quilt, cotton pieced, quilted by exhibitor
4. Machine quilt, pieced, quilted by exhibitor
5. Machine quilt, appliqued, quilted by exhibitor
6. Machine quilt, any design, commercially long-arm quilted, pieced by exhibitor
7. Machine quilt, any design, long-arm quilted, pieced by exhibitor
8. Machine quilt, wall hanging (ready to hang)
9.Ontario Agricultural Annual Champion Machine Quilt Competition – Grand Champion from sections 3-8 are eligible

Sections 10-28 Prizes: 1st: $10, 2nd: $8, 3rd: $5
10. Lap quilt – any type of quilting, approximately 50” x 65”
11. Crazy quilt, any size
12. Quilt themed for a boys or girls room, any size
13. Quilt, machine quilted by exhibitor using long-arm (must be larger than a crib quilt)
14. Quilt, top done by exhibitor, quilted by other
15. Crib quilt, pieced, machine- or hand-quilted
16. Quilt made of repurposed clothing
17. Quilt wall hanging, any size (judged on workmanship)
18. Scrappy quilt, made from leftover scraps, any size
19. Embroidered quilt, any size
20. Rag quilt, any size
21. Quilt, preprinted cheater or panel, any size
22. Attic treasure quilt, must be over 20 years old, any size (does not need to be quilted by exhibitor)
23. Quilt top only, judged on workmanship
24. One mounted quilt block
25. Quilt, your choice
26. Afghan, knitted
27. Afghan, crocheted
28. Cushion, quilted

Yarn and Fabric Crafts
Sections 29-47 Prizes: 1st: $10, 2nd: $8, 3rd: $5
29. Cushion, crocheted or knitted
30. A stuffed toy, any size
31. A pair of potholders or oven mitts (fabric)
32. Table runner or topper, any design
33. A pair of dishcloths (2), knitted or crocheted
34. Kitchen finger towel
35. Any article made from recycled blue jeans (not large quilt)
36. Hand-crafted tote/grocery bag (fabric)
37. Something new made from something old (fabric)
38. NEW: Handmade heating pad, any size (fabric)
39. Door or draft stopper
40. Sensory fidget blanket
41. NEW: Handmade teapot cosy
42. Any embroidered item
43. NEW: Embroidery, mounted in hoop, any size
44. Pillow case, handmade in fun fabric
45. NEW: Handmade household cleaning item, knitted or crocheted
46. Procrastinator: any craft that is not quite finished 
47. Any other yarn or fabric craft that is not listed

Special: Prizes: 1st: $15, 2nd: $10, 3rd: $5
48. Reduced, Reused, Recycled, Repurposed Harvest Home Decor
*Entries must be handmade and consist mostly or entirely of recycled and repurposed materials
Entries must showcase the theme of the fair: Celebrate the Harvest

Sections 49-62 Prizes: 1st: $10, 2nd: $8, 3rd: $5
49. Scarf, knitted or crocheted
50. Cowl or infinity scarf
51. A pair of slippers, any style
52. NEW: Handmade pair of moccasins
53. Mittens, any style
54. NEW: Handmade vest, your choice
55. A pair of socks, knitted
56. Poncho or shawl
57. NEW: Handmade pet sweater, your choice
58. Toque/hat, knitted or crocheted
59. NEW: Fabric scrap apron, made entirely of leftover fabric
60. NEW: Hand- or machine-stitched apron (fun fabric)
61. Handmade tacky seasonal sweater, any season or holiday
62. Any other apparel item not listed

Special: Prizes: 1st: $15, 2nd: $10, 3rd: $5
63. Family Harvest Fashions
Entry must include matching articles for each member of the family, pets included!
Articles do not need to be the same, but must be cohesive and/or in similar fabrics 
Photos of family members in matching articles not required, but encouraged!

Children & Baby
Sections 64-73 Prizes: 1st: $10, 2nd: $8, 3rd: $5
64. Hat or headband, any style
65. Mittens, any style
66. Baby outfit, minimum of two pieces
67. NEW: Handmade children’s sensory book 
68. Baby blanket or receiving blanket
69. Handmade article for baby shower
70. Kids socks, knitted or crocheted
71. Children’s slippers
72. NEW: Handmade diaper bag
73. Any other baby or children’s item not listed

Miscellaneous Crafts
Sections 74-93 Prizes: 1st: $10, 2nd: $8, 3rd: $5
74. Decorative wine bottle, any occasion
75. Ceramic article, glazed
76. Something Useful from Something Useless
77. Craft made from corks
78. NEW: Handmade metal sculpture (use of recycled materials is encouraged)
79. Three handmade seasonal greeting cards (example: Christmas, Valentine’s, Easter)
80. Three handmade celebratory greeting cards (example: birthday, wedding, new baby)
81. Three handmade greeting cards, your choice (example: sympathy, thinking of you)
82. Jewellery, any method, handmade
83. Handmade garden decoration
84. Handmade Christmas tree ornament
85. NEW: Handmade bird feeder or bird house
86. NEW: Handmade porch sign, minimum of 5’ tall
87. Hand-crafted sign, not to exceed 18” x 24”
88. NEW: Handmade calendar, your choice
89. NEW: Handmade wooden sculpture, carved or whittled
90. NEW: Hand-crafted dreamcatcher
91. Door wreath or hanger, your choice
92. Tole painted article, your choice
93. Any other craft, not otherwise listed

Special: Prizes: 1st: $15, 2nd: $10, 3rd: $5
94. Celebrate the Harvest: Unhinged
*Hand-crafted or decorated cupboard door or window pane
*Any medium accepted: painting, carving, decorations, etc.
*Entries must showcase the theme of the fair: Celebrate the Harvest

Special Category for our friends at Elgin St. Thomas Association for Community Living, Quad County Support Services, Retirement Villa, or any other similar establishment. Also included are developmentally and/or physically challenged Youth or Adult. There is no entry fee required for this category. 1st: $10, 2nd: $5, 3rd, $3
95. Summertime/Canada Day themed centrepiece
96. Themed centrepiece that showcases the fair’s theme (Celebrate the Harvest)

Donation Classes
Section 97-99 Prizes: 1st: $10, 2nd: $5, 3rd: $3
97. Handmade set of matched hat, mittens, and scarf
All entries to be donated to Babcock Community Care Centre
98. Handmade stuffed animal or toy, maximum 8” tall
All entries to be donated to Four Counties Health Services

99. Hand-crafted stained glass art, your choice (minimum 60% glass required)
All entries to be donated to West Lorne Community Health Centre

7. Flower Show
Superintendent: Laura Kieraszewicz – 519-785-2092
– All entries in the hall on Thursday, Sept. 14th, 2023 from 2 – 9 p.m.
– Only 1 entry per section and from the exhibitor’s home garden.
– Rules for judging are from ONTARIO JUDGING AND EXHIBITING STANDARDS, Second Edition, 2019. Copies of this can be found in the local libraries.
– The Rodney-Aldborough Agricultural Society gratefully acknowledges Rodney and District Horticultural Society for funding prizes in Class 7.
Tips to Consider:
CONDITION: free of disease, insect damage, etc.
FORM: proper shape for type of flowers
SUBSTANCE: fresh, not wilted or old
STEMS: strong and straight
PLEASE NOTE: the number of stems or blooms required in each section. There are many tips for conditioning flowers, according to type. Please research your flower type for optimum quality.


Sections 1-20 Prizes – 1st: $5, 2nd: $4, 3rd: $3
1. Marigold, small, 5 blooms
2. Marigold, large, 3 blooms
3. Black-eyed Susans (Rudbeckia), 5 blooms
4. Zinnia, 3 blooms
5. Snapdragons, 3 stems
6. Chrysanthemum, 1 spray
7. Salvia, any colour, 3 stems
8. Gladiolus, 1 spike
9. Sunflower, decorative type, 3 stems
10. Rose, red, own foliage attached
11. Rose, any other colour, own foliage attached
12. Hydrangea, 1 fresh bloom
13. Petunias, 3 stems
14. Sedum, 3 stems
15. Floating Flower Head, foliage optional, 1 bloom
16. Dahlias, small, 4” – 6”, 3 blooms
17. Flower not listed above, 3 stems
18. Plant of the Year, 2023, Orchid
19. Cacti or Succulent Plants, can be a grouping, max. pot size 12”
20. African Violet, single crown, 1 pot

Sections 21-23 Prizes – 1st: $6, 2nd: $5, 3rd: $4
BOUQUETS – A designated bunch of flowers/foliage in a suitable container.
21. Dahlias
22. Hydrangea
23. Mixed Garden Flowers, 3 kinds or more

Sections 24-27 Prizes – 1st: $7, 2nd: $6, 3rd: $5
ARRANGEMENTS/DESIGN – Artistically arranged, suitable container,
other plant material allowed. NO SILK FLOWERS, NO DYED MATERIAL. PLEASE take note when size and dimensions are stipulated.
24. “Mini Magic” – a miniature design not to exceed 5 “ in any direction.
25. “Glorious Greens” – a freestyle arrangement of green plant material, in a suitable container.
26. “September Sunset Sky” – vibrant coloured flowers and foliage in a suitable container.
27. “Don’t Squash Me” – a small designed arrangement in a squash or gourd, not to exceed 10” in any direction.

Our THANKS to the donors of prizes in this section.
28. “Harvest Home” – a floral design for a dining room table, to celebrate a family gathering.
Prizes: Gift Certificates of 1st – $15, 2nd – $10, and 3rd – $8 donated by Green St. Landscaping, Rodney.
29. “Roadside Ramble” – An arrangement of wildflowers, plants, and natural materials, in a “rustic” container.
Prizes: 1st – $15, 2nd – $10, and 3rd – $5, donated by West Elgin Nature Trust.
30. “Heaping Harvest Hamper” – A modern mass design using seasonal flowers and foliage, accessories allowed. (A Modern Mass design uses groups (usually 3-5) of plant material.) Each group is composed of one variety of plant material. Refer to Ontario Judging publication, page 144 for a full description of a modern mass design.
Prizes: Gift Certificates of 1st – $15, 2nd – $10, and 3rd – $5, donated by The Wild Goat Cafe, Rodney.
31. “Pitcher Me” – An Autumn arrangement of fresh garden flowers and foliage suitable for a dining table.
Prizes: 1st – $15 Gift Certificate, 2nd – $10 Gift Certificate, both donated by The Decorating Diva, Rodney, 3rd – a collection of Fall bulbs for planting, donated by the Superintendent.
32. “Harvest Time Colours” – An arrangement of flowers, greenery, and natural materials in a Harvest Moon shaped container.
Prizes: 1st – $20, 2nd – $15, 3rd – $10, donated by Rodney and District Horticultural Society.
33. “60 Years and Growing” – An arrangement of Zinnias and Foliage. Celebrating 60 years of Quad County Services.
Prizes: 1st – $25, 2nd – $20, 3rd – $15 donated by Quad County Services.
34. “Celebrate the Harvest” – A freestyle design featuring the Fair theme. Accessories allowed.
Prizes: 1st – $25, 2nd – $15, 3rd – $10, donated by Andrew and Laura Kieraszewicz

“BEST OF SHOW” – Judge’s Choice (Championship or Special Prize)
Prize – $20 Gift Certificate from Erie Gardens, New Glasgow

8. Culinary Arts
Superintendent: Melanie McLeod – melna33@hotmail.com
In the interest of a better product, class 8 entries will be received at the hall Friday, September 15, 2023, up to 1:00pm only. This applies to Class 8 entries only. All other classes in the hall will be judged Friday before noon. Culinary Arts is exhibited in the warm room.

Rules & Regulations, PLEASE READ:
1. One entry only per section, by membership only
2. One entry card only per item.
3. At the judge’s request, all baking to be in CLEAR plastic bags (no white bags) large enough for easy removal. No plastic wrap or similar wrapping – OR DOME LIDS CAN BE USED. 
4. New – Zip lock bags – attached tag on the bottom side corner of the bag (not on the top or zip locked side. 
5. PIES: To prevent soggy crusts, temper foil plates by puncturing holes in bottom of plate and bake empty plate at 400 degrees for 5 minutes or lightly butter bottom of pie plate to make crust brown. It is suggested that pies be placed on approx. 9” foil plates.
6. No store-bought pie crusts or tart shells. No canned pie fillings. 
7. Cakes displayed on foil covered cardboard or plastic dome containers.
8. No cake, cookie or bread mixes and no sticky frosting (unless specified).
9. No paper cups on muffins or cupcakes.
10. Loaves of bread should be 8x4x3 approximately.
11. Buns joined and rolls separated. Tip: Bake rolls in a muffin tin or separate on a flat pan. Rolls are single with unbroken sides and have a crust surrounding all sides. 
12. “Baking Specials” Items #26 – #58 which belong to the specified sponsor must be picked up anytime between 4:00pm to 6:00pm. Any items not picked up will be disposed of. All other baking items to be picked up at 4:30pm on Saturday. 
13. No unauthorised person(s) allowed in the area where judging is taking place.
14. In sections where there is only one entry, unless the entry is worthy, no prize will be awarded.
15. 2023 canned products only – mason jars with new rings & snaps to be used. No food colouring allowed.
16. In the event 1st prize is not awarded, the 2nd place winner will be presented to the sponsor upon Judges discretion.
17. OAAS District Competition Rules: If the exhibitor has won at more than one fair, the one closest to the exhibitor’s home address is the agricultural society from which the entry will be sent to the district competition. The other agricultural societies may send their second-place winner into the district competition. An exhibitor may only enter one district competition.
18. Rodney-Aldborough Fair Baking Champion open to males or females winning the total points in sections #1 – #5 and Sections #16 – #58.
19. Points awarded for: first – 3 points, second – 2 points, third – 1 point. 
20. Prize: $25 from RAAS and $20 gift certificate from Hair Razors, Kathryn Okolisan. Runner up will receive a $20 gift certificate for a local business donated by Norma McPhail.
21. Rodney Aldborough Fair Junior Baking Champion open to males or females (ages 12 -21) entering at least 3 items in sections #6 – #15. Junior participants may enter in ALL categories but will be judged against adults. PLEASE MARK ON ENTRY CARD “JUNIOR”. Points for champion will be accumulated. Prize: $25 from RAAS and $20 gift certificate from Cindy Horvat, Unisex Hair Salon. Runner up will receive a $20 gift certificate for a local business donated by Norma McPhail.
22. PLEASE NOTE: Junior Baking Specials, Canning, and Baking Specials have a 1st and 2nd prize only. Above Rules & Points apply to all entries.

Past President’s Special/Culinary Arts Superintendent – (Melanie McLeod)
1st prize: $25, Entry will become property of Current Superintendent
1. Apple pie – 9” full top.
2. Oatmeal date cookies, 1 dozen (oatmeal cookie on the top and on the bottom with date in the middle).
Past Superintendent Special – (Ann Smith)
1st prize: $25, Entry will become property of Past Superintendent
3. 9×13 pineapple carrot cake with cream cheese icing

The winner will be asked to compete in the District 13 level in November.
All entries will be judged on appearance, taste, and texture of the item, as well as the overall creativity and presentation.

4. Rules: A total of 6 tarts will be required to be shown. 
a. Tarts must be on a clean, sturdy plate (no paper plates) inside of a clear, plastic bag with the exhibitor’s name, mailing address, and fair represented. 
b. The size of the tarts must be full size tarts (no mini or bite size tarts) and must not contain fruit or nuts (i.e., no raisins, no pecans).
c. Open to youth up to 15 years old (as of December 31 of the current year).

5. Rules: A total of 6 plain chocolate chip cookies will be required to be shown.
a. Cookies must be on a clean, sturdy plate (no paper plates) inside of a clear, plastic bag with the exhibitor’s name, mailing address, and fair represented. 
b. Plain chocolate chip cookies, with no nuts, must be no larger than 2.5″ (6.5 cm) and no smaller than 2″ (5 cm).

OAAS Butter Tart Competition
1st prize – $7; 2nd prize – $5

OAAS Chocolate Chip Cookie Competition
1st prize – $7; 2nd prize – $5

For Section C, no mixes are allowed.
Prizes Section 6-15: 1st – $7, 2nd – $5
6. Chocolate chip cookies (4)
7. Plain Rice Krispy squares – 2” squares (4)
8. Banana muffins – Plain (4)
9. Peanut butter cookies (4)
10. Chocolate brownies – Uniced – 2” squares (4)
11.Cinnamon buns – iced (4)
12. Blueberry muffins – Plain (4)
13. Sugar cookies (4)
14. Apple pie – 9” Full top (spiced)
15. White bread from Bread Machine

Only mason jars with new rings and rubbers to be used.
Prizes Sections 16-25: 1st – $7, 2nd – $5 

16. Strawberry jam – not less than 8 oz. cooked
17. Peach jam – not less than 8 oz. cooked
18. Hot dog relish – 1 pint
19. Chilli sauce – 1 pint
20. Apple sauce – 1 pint
21. Raspberry jam – 1 pint
22. Sweet pickles – 1 pint
23. Dill pickles – 1 pint
24.Pickled beets – 1 pint
25. Red Pepper Jelly – 1 pint

In Section #26 – #58 The 1st place entry is the property of the sponsor, whose name is in brackets. “Baking Specials” 1st Place items #26 – #58 must be picked up anytime between 4:00pm to 6:00pm. Any item not picked up will be disposed of. All other baking items to be picked up at 4:00pm.
Prizes sections 26-30, 1st – $15, $5,
26. Lemon loaf – Iced (Diana Wright) 
27. Pumpkin loaf – Spiced (Louise Bittermann)
28. Angel food cake – Iced (Ann Smith)
29. Chilli sauce – 3-pint jars (Bryan Pinder)
30.Elderberry pie (Brad & Joanne Reive)

Prizes in section 31-46, 1st: $20, 2nd – $5 | Please note: Rule E to cook bottom pie crust thoroughly.
31. Raisin pie – Full top (Mary Mylrea) 
32. Raspberry/Rhubarb pie (Bill Denning)
33. Raisin pie – Lattice top (Tiny Tots)
34. 1 dozen raspberry tarts (Natalie Gillis) 
35. 1 dozen butter tarts – With nuts (Jill Soos) 
36. 1 dozen butter tarts – Plain (Janet Pinder)
37. 1 dozen pecan tarts (Larry McGahan)
38. 1 dozen rum & raisin tarts (Marg Friedrich)
39. 1 dozen date-filled oatmeal cookies (John Johnson, Auctioneer)
40. Approximate 9×9 carrot cake – Iced (Shawn Gillis)
41. Approximate 9×9 banana cake – Iced (Bill Denning)
42. 9×9 brownies with creative topping, include recipe (Lise Van Dyk)
43. Chocolate chiffon cake – Iced (Barb McFadden) 
44. Pecan pie (Dianne Downie) 
45. Zucchini loaf (Taraesa Tellier) 
46. Approximate 9×9 carrot cake (Taraesa Tellier)

Prize Sections 47-52: 1st- $25, 2nd – $5 
47. Sugarless pumpkin pie (Brien Cornwall)
48. Sugarless apple pie – Spiced (Brien Cornwall)
49. 1 loaf “cheesy” cheese bread (Chris Morton)
50. Pecan pie (Cynthia Roodzant)
51. 9×9 cake made with honey (Bernie Wiehle)
52. Red velvet cake with cream cheese icing (Lise Van Dyk)

Prizes Section 53-55: 1st – $20, 2nd – $5

53.GF Loaf of bread (Melanie Docherty)
54.GF Chocolate chip cookies (Melanie Docherty)
55.GF Oatmeal raisin cookies – 1 dozen (Laura Kieraszewicz)

In Sections 56-58, the entry winning the 1st place prize becomes the property of the Commercial Sponsor whose name appears in brackets. If no entry is made, money given as special prizes will be considered a donation to the Fair Board.

56.Best blueberry muffins – (4)
1st Prize: $10 donated by Beary Blue Acres (Dennis & Sandra Fischer)
57. Best blueberry jam – 1 pint
1st Prize: $10 donated by Beary Blue Acres (Dennis & Sandra Fischer)

9. Farm Display
Superintendent: Dan Balint – 226-688-7839
Thank you to our Sponsors of this year’s Fair!

– Depict a farm scene on a 36”x36” plywood or smaller using 1/64 scale toys.
– May include crop and livestock components, building and landscaping.
– Originality is encouraged.
Please note: the displays will be placed out of the reach of spectators to prevent theft and damage.

Ages 6-10: 1st – $25, 2nd – $15, 3rd – $10
Ages 11-15: 1st – $25, 2nd – $15, 3rd – $10

10. Antiques & Collectibles
Superintendent: June Ford – june.ford@live.ca

a) Antiques must be at least 50 years old.
b) Exhibitors may not enter more than 1 entry in each section.
c) Exhibitors should own articles exhibited.
d) Historical interest and approximate age of entry would be appreciated, but is not necessary for a prize.
e) Each exhibitor is requested to keep a list of articles exhibited as a check at the close of the fair.
f) All showcases will be locked for exhibitor’s protection. Larger items will be outside showcases.
g) In fairness to other exhibitors, dealers in antiques will not be eligible to compete.
h) Articles to be removed from cases by Directors only, for safety.
i) All tickets must be securely fastened to the article exhibited. 
Note: We will do our utmost to return all antiques in the condition in which you bring them; however, all antiques are exhibited at the owner’s risk.

Section 1-12 Prizes: 1st – $3, 2nd – $2, 3rd – $1
1. Picture of harvesting
2. Corn husker
3. Compass
4. School slate
5. Baby dish
6. 2 door keys, mounted
7. Boot puller
8. Butter mould or press
9. Match holder
10. Decorative hair comb
11. 3 collector spoons in a small box 
12. Stump the Judge (identify the item in a sealed envelope)

11. Scarecrow Competition
Superintendent: Alyson Hawken – alyson.hawken@hotmail.com
Special Thanks to Blueberry Hill for sponsoring

Prize – 1st – $75 | 2nd – $50 | 3rd – $25
– Open to all ages: Individuals, Families, Businesses, Groups and Organizations.
– A scarecrow in the form of a person must be a minimum of 4 feet and a maximum height of 6 feet.
– Must be family friendly – nothing too frightening. Any scarecrow deemed inappropriate or in bad taste by the committee will not be judged.
– All entries must be tagged and in the hall between 2pm and 9pm on Thursday, September 14/23, and pick up will be at 4pm on Sunday, Sept. 17/23.

12. Ambassador Competition
Superintendent: Laura Smith – fordlaura1@gmail.com
Friday, September 15th, 2022 | 7:00pm | West Elgin Community Centre

– Ambassador Competition is open to ALL students who are (or will be) at least 18 years of age by August 2024 to qualify to compete at the CNE.
– Contestants will be required to submit a brief biography, participate in an interview, prepare a speech and answer an impromptu question.
– The Grand Prize is a $1000 bursary, sponsored by Salus Mutual.
– Interested contestants are encouraged to enter the contest by September 1st, 2023, as we must have at least 3 candidates for the contest to proceed!
– To enter the contest or for more information, contact Laura Smith at fordlaura1@gmail.com
– All Ambassador Contestants will have a fun and action packed weekend ahead of them at the fair. They will have the opportunity to meet members of our community and fair-goers, participate in the great lineup of events we have planned, do some judging and hand out prizes to exhibitors and enjoy all that the fair has to offer!

13. Junior Fair
Superintendent: Kelly Anne Moar kymoar@live.ca

The Rodney Aldborough Agricultural Society gratefully acknowledges the Elgin Federation of Agriculture for helping sponsor the Junior Fair.
Please read the rules carefully.
• One entry only by each pupil in any one class.
• All work must be that of the exhibitor (except in the 6 & under section) and not have been previously exhibited at The Rodney Aldborough Fair.
• All entries to be brought to the hall between 4:00 pm and 9:00 pm on Thursday September 14th, 2023.
• Open to members 18 years of age and under as of The Rodney Aldborough Fair dates, noting ages where specified.

Prince & Princess Contest: Sponsored by Lorne & Cindy VanBreda of VanBreda Construction and Donna Miller.

The individual girl & boy in Grades 1 to 4, (as of Sept. 2023), who succeeds in collecting the most points in the Junior Fair Section will receive $25.00.
Points awarded (1st – 5 points, 2nd – 4 points, 3rd – 3 points)

Announcement to Parents: Parents are urged to allow the children to do the work and preparation of the exhibits without assistance (unless otherwise noted). Encourage them in every way, but remember that every bit of work you do for them helps to defeat the object of the Junior Fair.

Prize section 1-63: 1st – $3, 2nd – $2, 3rd – $1
For Children six and Under as of Sept 2023
1. Finger painting of a fall scene.
2. Play dough farm animals.
3. Crayon drawing of your family.
4. Make a picture using elements found in nature (seeds, leaves, sticks etc).
For Children ages seven – nine as of Sept, 2023
5. Colour a page from a colouring book with wax crayon, mounted on construction paper.
6. Make a LEGO tractor.
7.Make a mosaic landscape of a fall scene using torn construction or tissue paper.
8. Draw a picture of your pet, or a favourite animal.
9. A handmade sock puppet
For Children ages ten – twelve as of Sept, 2023
10. Create a harvest, or thanksgiving wreath.
11. Birdhouse –decorated, handmade from recyclables
12. Create a picture using seeds, grains or beans depicting a fall scene.
13. Pencil sketch – any subject.
For Children ages thirteen – fifteen as of Sept, 2023
14. A popsicle farris wheel structure on a sturdy base, not to exceed 12” in any direction.
15. Create a split picture by cutting any picture in half and recreate the missing half.
16. Painting acrylic – any subject.
17. Make a tie dyed article.
For Children ages sixteen — eighteen as of Sept, 2023
18. Pencil sketch – 8 1?2” x 11”.
a. Animal
b. Portrait
c. Scenic
19. An original work of art, any media, ready to be hung, not to exceed 30” in any direction.
20. Create a split picture by cutting any picture in half and recreate the missing half.

Past President’s Elementary School special (ages 4-11)
Prizes 1st – $15, 2nd – $10, 3rd – $5, 4th – $3.

The 1st and 2nd prize entries become property of the sponsor.
“Kids to make, parents to melt/cook”

For Children six and Under as of Sept, 2023
21. One (1) decorated cookie (decoration only judged).
22. Make an edible necklace.
23. Homemade trail mix in a zip-lock bag.
For Children ages seven – nine as of Sept, 2023
24. Three brownie squares (no nuts), approximately 1” square.
25. Three (3) cupcakes with edible decorations (decorations are judged only).
26. Five (5) sugar cookies.
For Children ages ten –twelve as of Sept, 2023
27. Five (5) decorated cupcakes with the fair theme.
28. Three (3) decorated Rice Krispie stars with added flair such as candy, chocolate, sprinkles etc.
29. Five (5) pieces of chocolate fudge.
For Children ages thirteen – fifteen as of Sept, 2023
30. Three (3) decorated cupcakes – one theme (decorations are judged only).
31. Three (3) banana chocolate chip muffins.
32. Five (5) brownies with icing. No nuts.
For Children ages sixteen — eighteen as of Sept, 2023
33. Homemade pretzel.
34. Caramel popcorn, 1 cup, sealed in a ziplock bag.
35. Plate of 3 edible items dipped in chocolate (please name the food items if not visible).

Reminder: open to children 18 & under – be sure entry tags are securely attached.
Note: be sure to name variety when asked.
When exhibiting flowers, a bud is considered a bloom.

36. Container Herb Garden.
37. Wedding Bouquet for a Farmer’s daughter
38. “Gardeners Delight” – an arrangement of wild flowers & weeds arranged in a watering can.
39. Country Bouquet: an arrangement of fall flowers in a tin can.
40. Green Thumb: an arrangement of flowers and greenery
41. Snapdragons, 3 stems.
42. Gladiolus, 1 spike.
43. Zinnias, 3 blooms, over 4“.
44. Zinnias, 3 blooms, under 4“.
45. Largest sunflower – head only.
46. Marigolds in a theme container.

Fruit, Vegetables and Field Crops
Reminder: open to 18 & under – be sure entry tags are securely attached.
47. Largest Beet.
48. Largest Carrot.
49. Largest Zucchini.
50. Gourds displayed in a basket.
51. Arrangement of six different vegetables, arrangement to count.
52. Best pumpkin dressed as a farmer.

Irene Kriter Special 1st – $6, 2nd – $5, 3rd – $4
53. Best decorated scarecrow, not to exceed 48 inches.

14. Photography
Superintendent:  Jenna Lebedz – jennacaughell@gmail.com

1. Each photo must be mounted separately, suitably displayed on bristol board or stiff cardboard (construction paper will not stay mounted in the display and will therefore not be accepted)
2. Matte should measure 25cm (10 inches) high and not more than 20cm (8 inches) wide. These sizes are mandatory or photos will not properly display in units. Only photos properly mounted will be displayed. 
Note: dimensions for “SPECIALS” vary, see rules below.
3. Only one entry per section.
4. Photos may be a product of a camera, cell phone or tablet.
5. Open to all photographers except  those whose main profession is photography.
Must be taken by the exhibitor and can not have been shown in previous Rodney Aldborough Fairs.
6. Please place the entry tag in the lower right hand corner close to the picture for display purposes.
7. All entries must be delivered to the hall by Thursday September 14th at 9:00 pm. 
Every effort will be made to protect photos from potential damage. Please note that The Rodney Aldborough Fair is not responsible for damage that may occur to photos submitted.

Sections 1-24 Prizes: 1st- $5, 2nd – $4, 3rd – $3
1. Winter Wonderland
2. All Things Red
3. Furry Friends
4. Spring Things
5. It Happened at the Fair
6. Our Heroes (Fire, Police, Armed Forces, Nurses, Volunteers, etc.)
7. Home Is Where the Heart Is
8. New Life (Pets, Wildlife, Zoo or Farm)
9. Local Landmarks (named)
10. Water Fun
11. Let’s Get Messy
12. Beautiful Blooms
13. You’ve Been Photo-Bombed
14. It’s Game Time
15. Shadows
16. Let’s Take a Selfie
17. Our Little Farmer
18. Delicious Delicacies (Food)
19. Things That Go “Vroom!” or “Zoom!”
20. Fair Theme – “Celebrate the Harvest”
21. Ebony & Ivory (Black & White Photo)
22. Down on the Farm
23. Misleading Photos (Things that look like something else, not photoshopped)
24. What is That? (2 Photos: one zoomed in, and a second photo from further back)

Section 25 – 30 Prizes: 1st- $25, 2nd- $15, 3rd- $10
25. Photoshop
*2 Photos: 1 before, and 1 after a picture has been Photoshopped
Prizes donated by The Rodney Scoop
26. Mud Madness
*2 photos of an animal before and after being cleaned up
Prizes donated by Trena & Pete Jeffery
27. Alphabet Fun
*3 photos of letters found in nature
Prizes donated by Love In My Jar Photography by Katie Hunter
28. Where the Green Grass Grows
*3 photos depicting rural life
Prizes donated by Love In My Jar Photography by Katie Hunter
29. Harvest Hands
*2 Photos: farming “young” and “old”
Prizes donated by Love In My Jar Photography by Katie Hunter
30. Then & Now
*2 photos: 1 photo recreating an old photo, both to be included
Prizes donated by Love In My Jar Photography by Katie Hunter

Focus on the Kids (for our little shutterbugs age 14 & under)
Section 31-35 Prizes: 1st – $10, 2nd – $3, 3rd – $2
All prizes in this section donated by Love In My Jar Photography by Katie Hunter
31. Time for a Selfie!
32. Celebrate the Harvest, Kids Edition
33. BFF (Best FUR Friend)
34. Eww, what’s that bug?!
*Photo must include a humorous caption on the matting that goes with the photo
35. That was in my yard!

15. Parade
Superintendents: Cynthia Roodzant – 519-868-5249
Sandra VanBreda – 519-619-9631
Proudly Sponsored by The Rodney Aldborough Agricultural Society

Saturday September 16, 2023, Start time – 11:00 am rain or shine

1. Rain or Shine
2. Parade registration to start at 9am on the track
3. All parade participants must be registered by 10:30am
4. Judging will take place at 10:30 am SHARP
5. All entries must be in place, set up, and riders must remain in place until judging is complete – Entries WILL NOT be judged if participants are NOT IN PLACE
6. Any float may only enter in one class
7. Parade leaves the Fairgrounds at 11am
8. The RAAS assumes NO responsibility for accidents or loss of any kind

Download the Parade Entry Form

Sections 1-2 Prizes: 1st – $60, 2nd – $40, 3rd – $30
1. Themed Youth Floats – youth, families, or service clubs (i.e. Scouts, 4-H, teams, schools)
2. Themed Commercial Floats
Sections 3-5 Prizes: 1st – $10, 2nd – $5, 3rd – $2
3. Best themed decorated bicycle, with or without a wagon – Ages 1-7
*All bike riders under the age of 18 are required to wear a helmet*
4. Best themed decorated bicycle, with or without a wagon – Ages 8-14
*All bike riders under the age of 18 are required to wear a helmet*
5. Best themed decorated person and pet
Sections 6-8 Prizes: 1st – $20, 2nd – $10, 3rd – $5
6. Best group in a themed costume (3+ people)
7. Best horse and rider, decorated in theme
*All horse riders under 18 must wear a helmet and be accompanied by an adult*
8. Antique tractors and equipment

Sections 9-12 Are Exhibition ONLY – no trophies or judging in this section
– New cars or trucks, dealers only
– Transport trucks
– Fire trucks
– Antique cars and trucks

All non-winners in the youth classes will receive $1 for participating in the parade

16. Baby Show
Superintendent: Trena Jeffery – TLebedz@hotmail.com or  519-878-2760
Sunday September 17, 2023 | 12pm | Rec Centre

– No pre-registration required
– Open to babies up to 24 months of age
– Prizes will be awarded to all babies entered

1. Curliest hair
2. Most hair
3. Least hair
4. Smallest hands
5. Longest toes
6. Chubbiest cheeks
7. Sweetest smile
8. Tiny dancer
9. Looks most like Mom or Dad
10. Best costume (fair theme) 0-12 months
11. Best costume (fair theme) 13-24 months
12. Lightest eyes
13. Darkest eyes
14. Wee Princess (youngest baby girl)
15. Wee Prince (youngest baby boy)

17. Demolition Derby
Superintendent: Trena Jeffery – TLebedz@hotmail.com or  519-878-2760
Date: Sunday, September 17th, 2023, Time: 2:00 pm

Entry Fee: $20 per car
Entries will be accepted up to 1:00 p.m.
All cars, drivers and pit crew enter at the Ridout Street entrance (near the pool)
Car Inspections begin at 11:00 a.m.
Start of Derby: 2:00 p.m.

Rules and Regulations
1. Each driver must fill out an Entry Form.
2. All drivers must supply their own cars.
3.Only one entry per person – proof of ownership must accompany each car entered.
4. Each driver must be of legal age in Ontario (18 years) and must hold a valid Drivers License.
5. The track or promoter reserves the right to approve or reject any and all entries.
6. Only owners, drivers, and mechanics (pit crew), who sign the Release Sheet, will be permitted in the pit area. (maximum of 3 Pit Crew members plus the driver)
7. No cars are permitted in the competition area before the heat they are to participate in.
8. The promoter, track owners, or Fair board association will not be held responsible for any cars, parts or personal property before, during or after the demolition derby.

Type of Car
1. Any North American sold cars, stock, hardtop automobile or station wagon is allowed.
2. No trucks, convertibles, jeeps, hearses, or limousines are allowed.
3. Any stock factory-made rear ends are permitted, including positraction and limited slip differentials.
4. 2 wheel drive vehicles only.

Preparation of car
1. Car must be race ready and ready for inspection when entering the fairgrounds.
2. All glass including windshields, side windows, rear windows, head and tail lights must be removed. (rolling down windows is not permitted).
3. Chrome moulding strips and the complete rear seats must be removed.
4. Any sharp protruding finds or dangerous objects must be removed.
5. No special bumpers, reinforcements, fabrications or trailer hitches are permitted.
6. Welded solid or chained down engine mounts are recommended.
7. MANDATORY restraints needed for the driver’s seat. No other reinforcement in the interior of the car with bars. Ratchet strap behind driver’s seat is recommended.
8. It is recommended that the driver’s door be reinforced inside with a steel bar, angle iron or pipe. The length is not to extend more than 8 inches on either end of the driver’s door.
9. No spring jacks, blocked shocks or reversed shackles are permitted, and suspensions must be free of blocks.
10. Only one automotive type battery is allowed, it may be moved to any position in the car, but it must be securely fastened and covered. Boxed in (no bungee cords).
11. All doors must be fastened shut by wire, straps or welded for driver’s
12. Cutting fenders for wheel clearance only is permitted and ends of bumpers may be cut off.
13. Radiators, transmission coolers and heaters must remain in the original position or be taken off.
14. Hood may be fastened down in four places; trunk or tailgate must be fastened down in four places with only two strands of wire through each hole. It is recommended that the hood and trunk springs be removed. Official’s decision over use of wire will prevail. No additional weight in the trunk is allowed.
15. Only The driver’s door must be painted white. Special numbers are permitted but must be on a white background on the driver’s door.
16. Stock gas tanks must be removed. A CSA Marine gas tank or custom metal tank may be located on the front of the rear riser ahead of the rear axle or the nearest convenient location closest to the rear axle on station wagons. All tanks must be securely fastened, ahead of the rear axle and covered in a fire-retardant material. A maximum of three gallons of gas is permitted per heat.
17. Cars with electric fuel pumps must have a safety shut off switch with easy access left of the steering column between column and window, post painted with fluorescent red paint.
18. Auto must be swept clean. No junk tires, wheels, metal parts etc. allowed in the car.
19. Each car must be signed in and inspected in the infield and each driver
will be assigned a heat. No entries will be permitted one hour prior to the show time.
20. It is mandatory that a minimum 16 inch opening is cut in the centre of the hood, and the carburetor be covered by a breather to prevent unnecessary fires.
21. Only automotive four ply tires allowed. No double tires or liquid in tires, No studs or screws in rims to hold tires. Wheel weights must be removed.
22. A strong wire, bar or cable should be attached from the bottom to the top of the windshield on or near the rear of the driver’s side of the vehicle. This safety precaution is taken to prevent injury to the driver in the event that a front-end collision may dislodge the hood and send it into the driver’s compartment through the open windshield. Scatter shields
are also permitted.

During the running of the derby Heats
1. A safety belt, Z-90 approved helmet and approved goggles (all goggles and face shields must be clear in colour) for eye protection is mandatory.
2. Drivers may manoeuvre forward and backward, but there will be no deliberate head-on collisions and no deliberate hitting on the driver’s door. Deliberate hits to the driver’s door will result in disqualification.
3. Vehicles must be dependable and have sufficient brakes at all times. Boundaries must be observed.
4. No drinking of alcoholic beverages on track, emergency vehicle area or in the pit. Any driver or pit crew member under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be disqualified and removed from the grounds.
5. A vehicle will be disqualified if the driver’s door comes open during a heat.
6. The track officials enforce a one-minute time limit for restarts and making competitive contact with another car. Hits must be aggressive. Simple contact within the time limit does not constitute combat and could be considered sandbagging.
7. All cars and car parts are to be removed from the fairgrounds by 8:00 pm following the final feature derby heat. 
8. A $100.00 protest fee is required to contest an action against another car.
9. Anyone in the pit area must be 18 years of age or older.
10. Anyone without a Pit Pass found associated with a car in the pit area or ring will result in the car being disqualified for the day.
11. Only officials and drivers of derby cars are allowed in the ring.

Additional safety regulations may be imposed depending on the track!
– The derby will be composed of individual heats, consolation, powderpuff (if 2 or more entries are registered) and the final feature.
– Cash prizes and trophies will go to the winners of each heat, powderpuff and finals.
– The second-place winners will receive a cash prize. All first-place winners go onto the feature event.
– The Rodney Fair will also award two trophies for Best Looking entries.
– The decision of the judges is final as to the winners in each heat.
– Rules and heats are subject to change without notice according to the Rodney Fair.
– All vehicles must be removed by 8:00 pm Sunday, September 17th, 2023.

18. Truck Pull 4×4 Trucks & Street Diesel
Pete Jeffery – 226-980-7650
Travis Roodzant, and Dan Soos
Saturday September 16, 2023 — Time: 6:00 pm

General Non-Circuit Rules
1. Classes will be competing for prize(s) only, no points to be awarded. The promoter will determine all prizes. Competitors outside of West elgin are welcome!
2. Must pay registration fee.
3. Must be registered prior to the start of pull.
4. Must be present in the staging area when class is called.
5. Max speed in the pit/track area is 10km/h, speeding will result in disqualification.
6. No alcohol to be consumed prior to pulling.
7. Track officials have the right to disqualify any participants.
8. All general Good Times Truck Pullers rules apply to classes.
9. All weights must be securely fastened.
10. Trucks must burn stock fuel.

Additional Truck Rules
11. Trucks must be street legal, licensed, and insured for the road.
12. Hitch is to be the rear most point of the truck.
13. Muffler must be attached.
14. Added weights must be secure in a box or flatbed, no weight allowed in the cab. No weights mounted forward of the stock bumper and/or grill.
15. Driver must hold a valid Drivers License.
16. No passengers allowed in vehicles – drivers only.

19. Stock Tractor
Superintendents: Pete Jeffery – 226-980-7650
Travis Roodzant, and Dan Soos
Saturday September 17, 2023 — Time: 7:00 pm

Sponsored by d’Hondt Custom Application Service Inc.

Stock out of the field, Maximum weight 16,000lbs
Stock out of the field, Maximum weight 24,000lbs
(4WD tractors eligible, must not engage FWA)

1. Must be 18 or older to compete.
2. Competitors must be the owner of the tractor, or have written consent from the owner to compete.
3. No riders allowed.
4. Hitch height must not exceed 22”, measured on the top surface of the hitching device.
5. Front weights not to exceed 48” ahead of the tractor frame.
6. Weights cannot protrude past rear tires.
7. Weights must be securely fastened. Loss of ballast will result in disqualification.
8. No loaders or blades.
9. No weights in the cab or on the operator’s platform.
10. No support straps or chains from the drawbar to a higher point on the tractor.
11. Duals allowed, no triples.

Maximum of 16,000 lbs class; Prize to be determined. 

Maximum of 24,000 lbs class
1st – $250 off of a load of mushroom mulch
2nd- $175 off of a load of mushroom mulch
3rd – $100 off of a load of mushroom mulch
$50 off of a load of mushroom mulch for remaining top 10 competitors.

Rules are subject to change or be updated prior to the event.
Please pre-register with Peter after Sept 1st 2023 at (226) 980-7650

Stock Semi Class

General Non-Circuit Rules
1. Classes will be competing for prize(s) only, no points awarded.
2. Must pay registration fee.
3. Must be registered prior to the start of the pull.
4. Must be present in the staging area when class is called.
5. Max speed in the pit/track area is 10 km/h, speeding will result in disqualification.
6. No alcohol to be consumed prior to pulling.
7. Track officials have the right to disqualify any participants.
8. All competitors must wear a seatbelt and helmet.
9. All general SWOTPA and Good Times Truck Pullers Association rules apply to classes.
The promoter will determine all prizes.

Please pre-register with Peter after Sept 1st 2023 at (226) 980-7650

20. Road Race
Superintendents: Kelly-Anne Moar – kymoar@live.ca
3rd Annual Rodney Fair Road Race, Sunday September 17, 2023
Time 8:00 – 11:30

Youth races
• 400m Fun Run (8 and under) Free
• 1k run – 10$
• 2k run – 10$
• 5k (walk)- 20$
• 5k (run)- 35$
• 10k – 40$

Youth races
• 400m Fun Run (8 and under) Free
• 1k run – 10$
• 2k run – 10$
• 5k (walk)- 25 $
• 5k (run)- 40 $
• 10k – 45 $

Ribbons and Prizes awarded to winners of both male and female of each race.

• 8:00-9:00 – Registration Open for bib pick up in the Rodney Recreation Centre, 135 Queen street Rodney, ON
• 9:30 – Youth races 1k, 2k and 400m Fun Run
• 10:00 – 10k and 5k Run Start followed by the 5K walk.
We have chip timing this year. Chip time is the official time.
Your time starts when you cross the mat and ends when you cross it on your return.