Online Exhibition

The Rodney Fair is debuting the Online Rodney Fair Exhibition. This “community-oriented” event will be the temporary place-holder of the traditional fair exhibition for this year. With no entry fee and potential prizes, there are eight classes planned for the Online Rodney Fair Exhibition which include: Field Crop Competition, Grain and Seed, Fruits and Vegetables, Creative Crafts, Flowers, Photography, Antiques, and Junior Fair.

We want to still be able to provide a fun way for the community to showcase their talents and accomplishments, and to be able to celebrate that — even if that means it is in a non-traditional format.

The categories may take place at different times, so those interested in any of the classes should check our website and social media regularly for announcements .

For most classes, unless otherwise specified, exhibitors are to submit a photo of their entry to the Rodney Fair website, Facebook page, or by email at

Any entries or participation by exhibitors 13 years or younger will be provided with a virtual entry into the annual bike draw that is sponsored by The Natterjack Brewing Company.