Junior Fair 2021 Art Challenge!

Choose any one of the following art challenges and email a photo of your entry to kymoar@gmail.com by September 17th.   Please include the full name of the entrant and contact information (email and phone number).  Entries will be posted on the Rodney Fair Facebook page in the album Junior Fair 2021 Art Challenge.   Each art submission will earn you a ticket into a draw for a free pass for the 2022 Rodney fair.   Winners will be announced on Sunday, Sept 18th. 

Art in Nature

James Brunt  is an artist who passes his time by creating beautiful mosaic images with natural objects. Can you create your own mosaic image outside using only natural objects you find.  Take a picture of your masterpiece and submit your entry!


Rafael Mantesso  loves drawing fun adventures with his dog Jimmy in the middle. Give it a try!  Cut out an image of an animal or use a photo of your pet.  Glue the image on a piece of white paper and begin to draw your animal or pet’s adventure!

Photographie Challenge

Toys point of vue: Get close to the ground and try to get a picture of your favourite toys in an epic adventure using by capturing your toys point of view.
Chalk the Walk

Get out your chalk and create a masterpiece or an epic hopscotch game.  Take a picture of your creation.
Colouring Contest

Choose and colour a picture of your choice with the theme Fall!

Nailed It!

Baking Challenge. Find a picture of creatif dessert and give it your best shot to create an exact replica.  Just like the hit Netflix series “Nailed it”Post a picture of the original image side by side with your masterpiece.